Lake Minocqua Snowmobile Trail Marked

The Cross Country Cruisers snowmobile club has announced that the snowmobile trail on Lake Minocqua has been marked as of January 17th, 2019.

The trail near the Highway 51 bridge has been shifted to the north a bit. There will be extra barrels marking the trail in this area and the club advises all users to stay next to the barrels and markers.

Cars and trucks should avoid the immediate west side of the bridge entirely. Lake ice in this area has not developed to the usual thickness and there may be pockets of thin ice that are not marked.

All other recreational users are advised to stay along the marked trail in this area.

Be alert and cautious. The fact that a lake trail is marked does not guarantee safety. And remember, when you risk your own safety, you’re also jeopardizing the safety of any companions and emergency response personnel.

While the lake was marked later than normal this year, there are still ten solid weeks of snowmobile season ahead. Riders will recall that in 2016, Lake Minocqua was not marked until January 20th.