Town Tornado Siren Tests begin April 3, 2019

The Town of Minocqua tornado warning siren is tested on the first Wednesday of each month at 9:00 A.M., the months of April through October (inclusive). If severe weather is forecast or observed in the area, the monthly test will be postponed until the next scheduled test to avoid confusion.

Remember, the tornado warning siren in the Town of Minocqua is only activated when:

  • The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning in which the Town of Minocqua lies within the warned area;
  • A tornado or funnel cloud has been sighted within the Town of Minocqua;
  • A tornado or funnel cloud has been sighted in a town immediately adjacent to Minocqua and poses a threat of striking the Town of Minocqua;
  • A scheduled test is taking place.

It is important that the public be aware of the following information:

  • Monthly tests of the tornado warning siren are conducted to test the proper activation of the siren from the dispatch center and to familiarize citizens with the sound of the three-minute-long siren;
  • The tornado warning siren alerts residents and visitors in the densely developed and populated central portion of town, including boaters, that the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning that includes the Town of Minocqua.
  • Since activation of the tornado warning siren means that a tornado warning has been issued for the Town of Minocqua or that one has been sighted in the Town of Minocqua, visitors should seek shelter immediately (with the exception of scheduled tests);
  • Do not call the police department or emergency services (911) to ask why the warning siren is sounding;
  • Tune to television stations or weather radio for information and instructions; there is no “all clear” signal;
  • The warning siren is not intended to alert people who are indoors during a warning and should not be relied upon as a primary source of severe weather notification. It is strongly recommended that each residence, business, school, camp, church, etc., purchase a weather alert radio that is automatically activated during severe weather occurrences.

For more information on severe weather readiness, visit Ready Wisconsin.