Minocqua Town Committees

Airport Commission

Lakeland Airport is co-owned and operated by an inter-governmental agreement between four towns (Minocqua, Arbor Vitae, Lac du Flambeau and Woodruff). The five-member Airport Commission is comprised of at least one member from each town.

Minocqua Appointee: Brandon Baker

Broadband & Business Development Committee

Three-member committee that identifies broadband and business development opportunities that are consistent with the quality of life in the Minocqua area and makes recommendations to the Town Board. Primary focus is on improvement and expansion of broadband options available to area residents and visitors.

Chairman: Pete Otis
Vice Chairman: Joe Hegge
Secretary: Phil Albert

Bear Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District

Bear Lake is located within the towns of both Minocqua and Hazelhurst. Property owners seeking to protect water quality, fish populations and shorelands created the district in 1976 in accordance with State Law. An additional tax is levied upon property owners within the District to fund its operations. Five-member committee is comprised of three property owners, one appointee by the Minocqua Town Board and one appointee by the Oneida County Board.

Minocqua Appointee: Ronald Mundt

Library Board of Directors

Seven-member committee that prepares the library budget, approves bills and oversees operations for the Minocqua Public Library.

President: Kim Widmer
Member: Pat Pechura
Member: Stephanie Wotachek
Member: Angie Maki
Member: Lisa Nomm
Member: Karen Stinemates
Member: Amanda Zoellner

Sanitary District Commission

Lakeland Sanitary District #1 provides sewer and water service to certain developed areas within the towns of Minocqua, Woodruff and Arbor Vitae. The three-person Commission sets fees, prepares a budget and oversees operations for the sanitary district.

Superintendent: Wilbur Peters
Commissioner: Tom Wipperfurth
Commissioner: Rick LaPlante
Commissioner: Mark Killian

Plan Commission

Seven-member committee charged with reviewing and planning for the orderly growth and development of the Town of Minocqua and its parks. In light of the town’s uniqueness and high property values, an emphasis is placed on appearance and responsible development. The Plan Commission makes recommendations to the Town Board.

Regular Meetings:

April through October: Regular meetings on the second and last Tuesday of each month at 8:30 A.M.
November through March: Regular meetings only on the last Tuesday of each month at 8:30 A.M.
Meeting location: Minocqua Center, located at 415 Menominee Street in downtown Minocqua in the Board Room (3rd Floor).

Chairman: Mark Hartzheim
Member: Mark Pertile
Member: Brian Fricke
Member: Phil Albert
Member: Joe Hegge
Member: Tom Church
Member: Mary Taylor

Room Tax Committee

Committee assigned to monitor and enforce collection of Room Tax by area accommodations.

Minocqua Appointee: Dick Heil
Minocqua Appointee: Buck Drossart