Aerator Regulations Specific to Lake Minocqua

The Town of Minocqua adopted a new Aerator/Circulating Pump Ordinance for Lake Minocqua on March 5, 2019. The ordinance mirrors Wisconsin State Statute 167.26 but adds some additional requirements. Both State Statute and the Town Ordinance require either open-water signage or a barricade. However, on Lake Minocqua, the Town Ordinance further requires:

  • Minimum letter height for open-water signage is 6 inches and must be reflective
  • Any barricade or parts of barricade may not be allowed to float free or sink after ice melts
  • Operation may not create open water more than 30 feet lakeward from structure being protected (waived beginning April 1st of each spring)
  • Town has authority to order cessation of operation of equipment if it believes operation has created an unreasonable risk of exposure to injury for persons recreating on the ice of Lake Minocqua, even if it is operated in accordance with Town Ordinance, until such reasonable risk of injury has ceased

The complete Town ordinance for Lake Minocqua is available HERE.