New Address Signs for Minocqua

The Town of Minocqua has adopted a new standard address number sign to be placed at every site address in the Town. Most of the new address signs will be installed by a sign contractor this year. Previously-issued town address signs and posts will be removed.

The new address signs are 16″ x 8″ .080 aluminum with galvanized steel U-channel posts and stainless steel hardware. The color scheme is reflective white numbers/letters on a black background.

CLICK HERE for image of new address sign.

Most address signs are double-sided and will be installed perpendicular to the roadway. This installation will be done by the Town’s sign contractor.

Certain urban locations will have single-sided signs mounted to the building. These will be installed by the property owner.

To cover the costs of the new address signs, there will be a one-time charge of $35.00 on the real estate property tax bill where each new address sign is installed.

CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this addressing effort from Oneida County Land Information Office.

ADDRESSING PUBLIC NOTICE: “You may know where you live, and God may know where you live, but if you do not have a good address and Dispatch doesn’t know where you live, then you and God better be on good terms.”

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