State Supreme Court Invalidates Safer at Home Order

Late yesterday afternoon (May 13), the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the extension of the Safer at Home order in Wisconsin. The ruling invalidated the Order and declared that it was unenforceable. The ruling takes immediate effect, meaning that there is no order in place for our area at this time.

The public can expect that guidelines will be forthcoming very soon from the State and possibly from County public health departments.

Our goal was to get the Northwoods economy ticking again, and that can happen now. But we’re still working without definitive, unquestioned data and strategies. Still no crystal ball. Everyone needs to be smart and be responsible and conduct business and other activities with precautions.

The virus isn’t going anywhere. We’re likely to see a seasonal reduction in the virus’s impact with a possible resurgence in the fall. As time moves on, we will have more cases regionally. That’s simply not avoidable.

What we do want to avoid at all costs is having an outbreak that turns our immediate area into a hotspot. Turning back the dial and losing any part of the summer season would not be a good situation. We want our businesses open, and we want them to stay open. And we want our kids to be able to attend school this fall.

For bars or restaurants wondering about guidelines, the Town itself will not be issuing any guidelines or orders on business operations; that will be up to the State and County. Here are two industry-specific resources that offer good Covid-19 related guidance and information for bars and restaurants:

Wisconsin Restaurant Association –

Tavern League of Wisconsin –

A good guidance reference for all business types is available here:

Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. –

Be safe. Be smart. Be responsible. And continue to support our local businesses as much as possible!

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